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Amphenol’s M12 family of connectors features the C112 series. They are characterized by compact size, functional design, reliable sealing, durable construction and electrically stable.

The connector protects the cable and its components from loosening due to harsh vibration while operating in tough industrial environments.
Electrically sensitive applications requiring EMI shielding are protected with a design that enables
attenuation values in the range of a double shielded cable. This design feature incorporates
a 360° shielding system from the cable to the appliance housing.

The connectors in the C112 family use a 12 mm thread. These connectors are top choice in automation and sensor technology. Power circuit requirements up to four amps can also be satisfied by this connector design.
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M12 : C112 serie  C_112_eng_72dpi.pdf (2091 Kb)


Amphebus is a universal bus interface connector system specially designed for field applications in harsch environment (shocks, vibrations, EMI / RFI perturbations).

Its large inside room can accept different types of circuit configurations, which allows it to be used with the most current bus standards as FIP, CAN, Profibus…

The connexion to the bus is done by a 9 pin high performances Amphenol DSub connector enclosed in a full metallic box, providing robustness and high EMI / RFI protection.
Network input and output with two strong metallic clamps enables robust cable clamp and grounding.
Amphebus : Field Bus Interface System  Amphebus-en.pdf (472 Kb)
Notice de cablâge Amphebus  Notice-cablage-Amphebus.pdf (144 Kb)

IRJ RJ-11 / RJ-45

IRJ modular jacks facilitate the increasingly popular use of Cat5 cable in low-cost networking systems.

The rails-mounted modules provide one or more RJ-11 or RJ-45 connections, necessary screw or spring clamp terminations, and other components as specified by the user.
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